Solar Wind
Solar Wind
steel and aluminum
HWD 10’ x 5 ½’ x 3’

Photo courtesy Steve Grundy

Solar Wind has been purchased by the city of Boerne, Texas in February 2017. It was part of the Art al Fresco installation and will remain in its place at the Old No. 9 trailhead at East Blanco Rd.

Before that Solar Wind was exhibited in Roswell, Georgia

The final installation of the Art around Roswell exhibit 2016 is located in Big Creek Park and is entitled “Solar Wind”. Looking like a silvery sun perched atop a copper pedestal or a fireworks bust being shot from a cannon, this sculpture is made primarily of bicycle wheels.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Patricia Vader currently resides in Martinez, California. With a PhD in Mathematics, she started her career as an astronomer and spent 10 years in that profession before pursuing her artistic side. She earned a Masters of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts, San Francisco and now spends her time producing large-scale outdoor sculpture with much of the work being constructed from recycled materials.

A focus on bicycles and wind is reflected in many of her works which is attributed to her memories of riding amongst the windmills of Holland in her childhood. Her works are often made to be kinetic so that they turn and sway with the blowing of the wind.