California Metal Sculpture & Wind Artist Patricia Vader
Check out the artwork of California wind artist Patricia Vader creating metal sculpture, functional art, murals, portraits & more. Following the ‘unbearable lightness of being’ concept to trump life’s heavy side, I strive to make art that is imaginative and exciting and filled with motion and light. My artworks always represent something from the living world, however transformed or whimsical, which establishes a connection with the viewer. They are often brought to life by wind mills and vanes that spin and rotate gently or wildly in complex combinations. This motion and animation of the whole work, it being a giant sunflower, peacock or fish, is the attention grabbing element that stop passers-by in their tracks to watch just a little more of it. The moving elements are kept high enough above ground for public safety. My work appeals to people of all ages, a frequent comment being that it gives joy to the viewer. Some kinetic artworks are documented on youtube videos.

For outdoor public artworks my durable materials of choice are stainless steel and aluminum. The design of my public artworks is engineer-certified and the fabrication implemented by professionals and certified welders where appropriate.